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By Furniture News Apr 22, 2024

Core Products reaches settlement with alleged design infringers

On 12th January, Core Products commenced proceedings against each of FW Style, IQ GB (UK), Furnished With Style and their directors, alleging, among other things, that the defendants’ Enkel Furniture range infringed Core's original design rights in four items of its successful Augusta product range.

The proceedings were initially defended, the defendants alleging independent origination of the Enkel range, but were ultimately compromised on terms that remain confidential between the parties, save that the Enkel range of products has been withdrawn from sale, states Taylors Solicitors, which specialises in all aspects of commercial law.

This is the latest development in a string of IP protection cases brought about by Core Products in recent years (see related).

Tony Catterall, a partner of Anti Copying in Design (ACID) legal affiliate, Taylors Solicitors, which issued the proceedings, says: “This was the third occasion on which we have been obliged to take steps to protect Core Products’ successful Augusta range. We are delighted to have brought these proceedings to a successful and early settlement on confidential terms.”

Mary Wallace of Core Products adds: “We are pleased to conclude this claim and thank Taylors for bringing the matter to a suitable conclusion. This is the third time we have had to act over an infringement of our original Augusta design. We invest heavily in the design of our original furniture collections, and we can only hope this will serve as a warning that we will always take steps to protect our designs when we believe that copying has occurred.”

Dids Macdonald OBE, CEO of ACID, concludes: “It is good that the parties have arrived at a settlement, it is much more preferable for both parties to avoid court proceedings. Even better that the remarkably similar Enkel products have been removed. This is clear evidence that Core Products take the protection of their intellectual property very seriously and adds to their deterrent message that they will take a strong stance if they feel their IP has been Infringed.”


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