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By Furniture News Aug 18, 2014

Course advises on how to deal with complaints

An industry-specific course about consumer law and home improvement complaints, covering the installation of kitchens, bathroom and fitted bedrooms, will help students understand when they can say no to a refund, when to offer a repair and when they must pay out.

The Furniture Ombudsman’s Principles of Consumer Law and Understanding Home Improvement Complaints training course is for anyone involved in customer service, and will take place on Tuesday 21st October at FIRA HQ in Stevenage.

“Even the best in the business experience the occasional issue, and some of those issues could prove to be out of your control. This may involve compensating your customer, but keeping a customer happy whilst keeping an eye on your own profit margin can be a difficult line to tread,” says Judith Turner, senior ombudsman for The Furniture Ombudsman.

She continues: “Common complaints in the home improvement industry include delays and inconvenience through loss of facilities, damage to property, issues with the quality of the fitting or design and supply-only contract issues. Products and services in this sector are usually of high value, so if your customer is not happy they may request financial compensation. The course looks in detail at the law surrounding home improvement complaints, such as issues with the fitting of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Knowing your rights as a supplier or retailer will help you make the correct decision for each situation.”

The course covers aspects of consumer legislation and its practical application, what to consider when evaluating complaints and the potential outcomes based on the ombudsman’s experiences. It also includes information about contracts, statutory rights, The Sale of Goods Act and The Supply of Goods and Services Act.

Courses cost £150 for members of the ombudsman and £250 for non-members.

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