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Devon bedmaker awarded B Corp status

Devon-based natural bed and mattress company Naturalmat has been awarded B Corp status.

Sustainability has been at the heart of Naturalmat since its foundation. Founded over 20 years ago on the banks of the River Exe in Devon, Naturalmat pioneered the production of completely natural, organic and sustainable beds, setting a precedent for the UK bed industry. Naturalmat’s long-standing commitment to sustainable production methods has earned it global recognition – and now, B Corp status.

Achieving this accreditation has taken Naturalmat close to two years of rigorous assessment and the evaluation of every aspect of the business.

Mark Tremlett, founder of Naturalmat, says: "From day one over 20 years ago, we’ve been at the forefront of making planet-friendly mattresses with organic, sustainable and renewable materials. So, needless to say, it feels truly rewarding to be recognised as the ethical business we’ve always strived to be and join this powerful global community of organisations working together for a better tomorrow.

"We started off making mattresses for boats with natural and breathable materials, eventually expanding into organic, chemical-free mattresses for babies and adults, championing safe and healthy sleep for everyone. Over the next few years we made every effort to grow as a force for good. We pioneered sourcing organic wool directly from local farmers, installed solar panels on the roof of our workshop and moved to 100% renewable energy, and developed innovative plastic-free packaging.” 

Every key material that goes into a Naturalmat product has been selected from natural, regenerative and sustainable sources to minimise its impact on the planet, and Naturalmat is committed to practising regenerative farmingprinciples, using more recycled materials across its range. All beds and mattresses are designed to be disassembled, and made only with materials that will biodegrade or can be recycled at the end of their life.

Naturalmat's Mattress for Life Initiative gives customers three choices when their mattress reaches the end of its life – refurbish, recycle or donate, ensuring nothing ends up in landfill.

Further highlighting its commitment to sustainable practices, Naturalmat released its first Impact Report in 2022. This comprehensive document charts the company’s journey to date and sets out Naturalmat’s current sustainability strategies based around five key pillars, each with ambitious targets it aims to meet by 2025.

Photo by Graeme Robertson

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