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By Furniture News Aug 20, 2015

Dormeo launches National Power Nap Day petition

Memory Foam mattress brand Dormeo has initiated a campaign that aims to raise the importance of sleep and highlight the issue of sleep debt, launching a petition to declare 7th September 2015 the UK’s first annual National Power Nap Day.

MD of Dormeo, Mike Pitt, is championing the benefits of power naps: “Most adults require between seven and nine hours sleep a night. However the average UK adult gets much less than this most nights, and this is where power naps come in.

“An hour's missed sleep during the week cannot be made up by sleeping in at the weekend, so a short power nap helps to improve your concentration, creativity and decision making for those last few hours of the working day. 20 to 30 minutes after lunch is all you need, and it will make a major difference. Power Nap Day is a chance to try it out.”

Sign the petition here, and watch a video explaining the benefits of power naps here.

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