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By Furniture News Feb 23, 2023

Dreams to help Shelter tackle homelessness

Dreams has announced a three-year partnership with housing and homelessness charity Shelter, to raise funds and awareness to address the housing emergency.

Dreams has committed to paying £150,000 to help fund Shelter’s work, with the overall ambition to raise much more than this together with staff, customers, and communities over the course of the partnership. This money will support Shelter’s services, including its emergency helpline, which receives nearly a thousand calls each day from people experiencing or at risk of some form of homelessness, including families in temporary accommodation.

The partnership is rooted in their shared belief that having a safe home with a bed of your own should be a fundamental human right. Across Britain, 17.5 million people are impacted by the housing emergency, living in homes that are unfit, unstable, or unaffordable, or where they have experienced discrimination, says Shelter.

As the partnership evolves, Dreams is set to: offer in-store promotions for customers and PoS contributions; share its retail expertise with the charity to help maximise the impact and effectiveness of Shelter’s charity shops; bring the reality of temporary accommodation to life through an installation; and further bolster fundraising and awareness through a mass participation sponsorship event.

Jonathan Hirst, Dreams’ CEO, says: “At Dreams, we know the importance of having a safe and secure place to sleep and live. Without the foundations of a home, it’s impossible for people and communities to be the best they can be. Yet millions of people face that reality every day. We’re proud to be partnering with Shelter to help change that, and to make sure everyone can have the right to a safe home.”

Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, comments: “As the housing emergency deepens, our work has never been more critical. The lack of genuinely affordable social homes and rising rents, on top of the current cost of living crisis, threatens to tip even more people into homelessness. Our frontline advisers work tirelessly to help people in desperate situations – whether it’s a homeless family sharing one room in an emergency B&B, or the person terrified of another night on the streets with just a tent to call home. Our partnership with Dreams will help us in our fight to make sure everyone has access to a safe and secure home, with a warm bed of their own.”

A Dreams employee who has experienced homelessness adds: “My family and I experienced homelessness when, despite being in full time work, we were no longer able to cover our expenses. The time we spent in temporary accommodation was isolating, confusing and thankfully, is now behind us. However, for so many families this isn’t the case, with homelessness still dictating their present and future. That is why I’m so proud that Dreams is partnering with Shelter - both to raise awareness of the issue and to prompt important conversations that can often be so difficult to have.”

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