16 July 2024, 06:12
By Furniture News Mar 06, 2024

Emma overcomes migration issues and achieves growth

Emma - The Sleep Company, the world’s largest D2C sleep brand, ended 2023 with revenues of €961.9m.

Despite facing operational challenges while implementing new systems throughout the year, the company grew its revenues by +13% YoY and recorded its sixth consecutive year of profitability.

After many years of rapid growth, the company says it will focus on elevating its customer experience in 2024 and opening at least 10 new Emma stores across Europe.

In 2023, the company experienced its strongest revenue growth in APAC and the Americas, including triple-digit growth in Taiwan, the US and Mexico. Europe remained a significant contributor to the company's sixth consecutive year of profitability and growth, with Belgium standing out as the top-performing market in the region. Since launching in 2015, Emma has expanded into more than 30 markets around the world.

The company introduced new systems, products and platforms in 2023, such as a new order management system and a new payment and refund processing system. However, migrating to these systems – which will ultimately improve the Emma experience for all customers – caused some short-term disruption.

Dr Dennis Schmoltzi, CEO and co-founder of Emma, says: “2023 was a tough year for us, with systems migration causing much more disruption that we anticipated, but we’re happy to have still grown in an industry that shrunk. We know we still have work to do, and we want to make sure that the solutions we put in place to improve our customer experience will support sustainable future growth.” 

“Improving customer experience is our top priority for 2024” adds Manuel Mueller, Emma's CEO and co-founder. “We've been expanding our operations team, optimising internal processes, migrating systems and enhancing customer communications, with the ultimate goal of becoming the world's number-one sleep brand – not only online, but also in physical stores.”

With the opening of its first own Emma flagship stores in The Hague and Cologne, the company, which started out as ecommerce only, has reached another milestone. These physical stores have surpassed the company’s expectations and have proved extremely popular with visitors, says Emma, which plans to open at least 10 more of its own stores across Europe this year.

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