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By Furniture News Apr 22, 2021

Emma reports significant UK growth

While expanding globally, Emma – The Sleep Company continues to maintain its strong momentum in the UK, reporting +95% YoY revenue growth in Q1. After intensifying activities in Ireland, sales in the Irish market have climbed by +272%, says the Frankfurt-based company, which is presenting a new product assortment for UK customers and has announced brand partnerships as well as an increased marketing presence. 

While the brand continues to expand in new countries in Asia and South America, strengthening existing markets remains essential for Emma – as growth in profitability of +195% in the UK demonstrates.

Santosh Marrivagu, head of UK and Ireland, says: “In the light of competitors withdrawing from international markets to focus on their native regions, our Q1 results prove that we can achieve both, extensive expansion as well as sustainable growth in our existing markets, such as UK and Ireland.”

In the UK, Emma’s brand awareness has now reached 48%, due to the success of the Emma Original, the UK’s most-awarded mattress for two years in a row. “Our flagship product Emma Original has played a major part in gaining popularity in the UK, leading to fantastic brand awareness across the country," says Santosh. "Customers love Emma Original. Based on our research, we do not know of any other mattress that has been sold more than the Emma Original in the UK in 2020.

"We aim to further strengthen our brand awareness within the next months by launching new solutions that cater to a much broader set of customers’ sleep needs." Furthermore, Emma will broaden its presence through an extended range of marketing channels, and develop partnerships with co-minded brands, such as Rituals.

As part of its strategy in the UK and Ireland, Emma has launched a new product assortment for its online shop, and now offers a variety of new sleep products, including the Emma Original Hybrid, a series of temperature-regulating accessories such as the Cloud Pillow and Cloud Duvet, and the Emma Bed.

“With our new product assortment we are one step closer to our vision of offering wholistic sleep solutions to our customers," says Santosh. "We believe this is important, and we’ve already seen that our customers want this, which is reflected in the huge success of the new product portfolio. The sales of the Emma Bed and the Cloud Pillow far exceeded our best estimates, and we are scaling up the production of these products to fulfil the high customer demand."

According to the brand, the Emma Bed has attracted a great deal of interest, selling out "much faster than anticipated".

Pictured: Emma CEOs Manuel Mueller and Dr Dennis Schmoltzi, with UK country manager Santosh Marrivagu (image courtesy Moritz Reich)

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