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By Furniture News May 25, 2022

Ercol's chairman passes mantle to son

British furniture manufacturer ercol has announced that Edward Tadros is to step down from the position of chairman of Ercol Furniture, with effect from 1st July 2022.

Taking over from Edward as chairman will be his son, Henry Tadros.

Ercol Furniture was founded in 1920 by Edward’s grandfather and Henry’s great-grandfather, Lucian R Ercolani. Edward joined ercol in 1973, starting in the design department and in the factory. Over the years he worked across all areas of the business, including as production director and MD. He has been ercol’s chairman since 1993.

Henry joined ercol in 2010 and, like his father, began in the factory before working across all departments, as well as founding L.Ercolani, ercol's luxury brand.

“It is with great enthusiasm that I announce that I have asked my son Henry to succeed me as chairman of Ercol Furniture,” says Edward. “I say enthusiasm, because I am very optimistic about the future of the company.

"Henry has been steeped in the ethos of ercol since an early age and has been fully engaged working for us for the last 12 years, from the shop floor outwards. The team with Henry is extremely good and motivated. For some time we have been managing this transition, and ercol now has a board of directors led by David Finch as MD, working with operations director Ian Peers, creative director Rachel Galbraith, and sales and marketing director Arno Koch, all experienced and committed.

“This is my 49th year in the company and my 29th as chairman, so it is clearly the time to make sure that I am acting in the best way to ensure the success of the next generations in the family and in our company.

"I am remaining on the board and will continue to work alongside Henry and the team. I am sure you will join me in wishing Henry and the team across the whole of ercol the very best for the future.”

Henry comments: ”It is a great honour to be taking up the role as chairman at ercol from my father. What more can be said, other than he has been an ever-present icon of the company and industry for almost half a century, and will leave an impressive legacy to follow. 102 years after he founded the company as a young Italian immigrant, my great-grandfather, Lucian, would be very proud of where we now find ourselves and what we have achieved.

"I am very much looking forward to continuing to build on both of their legacies, working with David, the board and the rest of the company.”

Pictured: Henry and Edward Tadros

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