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By Furniture News Mar 16, 2020

eve sleep pioneers night mode ad break

Bed brand eve sleep partnered with Channel 4 to create a world first in TV advertising by removing the blue light from its TV adverts on Sunday 15th March (which fell in the weekend of World Sleep Day, Friday 13th).

With the average British person getting five hours and 36 minutes uninterrupted sleep a night (well under NHS guidelines), the first ever ‘night mode’ ad break removed the brain-stimulating effect of TV’s blue light by applying an amber-coloured filter to adverts from eve sleep and a number of partner brands.

Cheryl Calverley, CMO at eve sleep, says: “There’s lots and lots of things that disrupt sleep, leaving the nation feeling groggy and not at their best each morning, and here at eve sleep we are on a mission to solve them all one by one."

The partnership forms part of eve's wider campaign, Right to Sleep. The brand is also lobbying the government to recognise sleep under the Human Rights Act 1998.

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