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By Furniture News May 08, 2013

FIRA acquires 23 new members

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers from the furniture industry have joined the leading body FIRA – a not-for-profit membership-based organisation – where they will benefit from successes derived from over 60 years experience of the furniture industry. FIRA added twenty new members to its full membership list, one international member and one associate member between September 2012 to April this year.

New member names include dedicated sofa specialist, SCS, pre-finished quartz worktop producer, Max-Top, seating and furniture expert, Rhubarb Solutions, bed and mattress manufacturer, Grove Beds, and one of the country’s leading distributors of kitchen and bathroom products, Mark II. For a full list of new members, see FIRA’s website.

Depending on the type of membership, the benefits of being a FIRA member include market intelligence reports, opportunities to influence standards and a forum to be heard at Government level, technical and innovation reports, access to a technical support helpline, marketing publications, discounts and voucher credits to spend on commercial services, such as testing and training, and the promotion of products via the FIRA website.

Phil Reynolds, Chief Operating Officer of FIRA, says: “We’re a thriving organisation, despite the economic situation this year.  Companies in the furniture sector recognise the benefits of FIRA membership, including many special benefits and technical information which helps with business planning and strategy.

“Even more importantly, they have direct access to our world-famous resources and technical expertise, both through our specialist experts and through the vast amount of technical and business information we make available on our website.”

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