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By Furniture News May 18, 2022

FIRA gains UKAS accreditation to US flammability standard

FIRA International has gained UKAS accreditation to ‘California TB 117-2013 Requirements, Test Procedure and Apparatus for Testing the Smolder Resistance of Materials Used in Upholstered Furniture’, the main flammability regulation for the US market.

FIRA says the cigarette test to TB 117-2013 is vastly different to the UK’s Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations (FFFSR), and is traditionally considered harder to pass than its UK counterpart.

A wooden rig is used for the test, the cigarette is placed between the crevice in the seat and the back support, and is then covered with a flame-retardant laundered material – all of which, when combined, increases the heat of the cigarette and subsequently the chance of escalating smouldering, an /or ignition.

The test can last up to 45 minutes – but would be ended earlier on safety grounds in the event of a fail.

FIRA says that UKAS accrediting testing to TB 117-2013 could help the UK close the trade gap which currently exists for the American market – in 2020 exports were worth £264.68m, with imports valued at £273.11m – representing a trade gap of £8.43m.

A demonstration of a TB 117-2013 test will be included in a webinar hosted by FIRA International on 25th May 2022 at 10am. Further details are available here.

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