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By Furniture News Oct 01, 2015

FIRA to run REACH and biocides awareness seminar

An awareness seminar, set to take place in November, aims to assist manufacturers, importers and suppliers of furniture products in understanding their legal obligations under REACH and the EU Biocide Products Regulations, and meeting their legal obligations and responsibilities when importing and selling products that incorporate hazardous chemicals or biocides.

Run by FIRA International, the one-day seminar will take place at its Stevenage headquarters on Thursday 5th November.

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is a system of regulations controlling chemicals in the EU. Implemented into EU law in June 1997, it transfers responsibility for the safe use of chemicals from governments to industry and, therefore, affects the entire furniture supply chain including manufacturers, importers and their customers. Hazardous chemicals are classified as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) and their use is subject to authorisation and, ultimately, restrictions.

Dr Asli Tamer Vestlund, FIRA’s research and consultancy manager, explains: “Several substances in the furniture industry are facing restriction, including flame retardants, dyes and colourants and plasticisers. REACH is being implemented in several transitional phases due to be completed in 2018. Linked to REACH, the EU Biocides Regulations (EU BPR) were implemented in September 2013 (528/2012) and revoked the previous Biocidal Products Directive (98/8/EEC) across Europe. These new Regulations incorporate, for the first time, the use phase of biocidal products as well as articles that have been treated with biocides such as a wooden bench painted with wood preservative.

“Changes to these regulations mean that there are implications for the furniture industry and so we are holding this seminar to provide delegates with information about what the changes mean for their business and answer any questions they may have. Compliance is a legal requirement, so I would recommend businesses attend the seminar to ensure they are meeting all the requirements.”

This event is aimed at furniture suppliers and manufacturers, importers, compliance managers and environmental staff as well as procurement staff.                                     

The cost for the day will be £100 plus VAT for FIRA members, and £150 plus VAT for non members.

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