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By Furniture News Jul 09, 2021

Footfall plateaus in June, reports BRC-Sensormatic IQ

Total UK footfall decreased by -27.6% in June (Yo2Y), according to the latest data from BRC-Sensormatic IQ.

Footfall on high streets declined by -33.4% Yo2Y, retail arks saw footfall decrease by -8.1% Yo2Y, and shopping centre footfall declined by -35.8% Yo2Y.

Northern Ireland again saw the shallowest footfall decline of all nations, at -20.6%, followed by Wales at -25.6% and England at -27.9%. Scotland saw the deepest decline of the UK’s nations, at -29.5% (all Yo2Y).

Helen Dickinson OBE, chief executive of the British Retail Consortium (BRC), says: “Overall footfall levels saw little improvement on the previous month, though retail parks and shopping centres experienced an uptick.

"Footfall is down on pre-pandemic levels, as the public are making more purposeful shopping trips, with less browsing and more buying. With most overseas holidays on hold, many Britons have sought out-of-town escapes while foreign tourist numbers have fallen. This appears to have helped footfall in smaller towns and cities.

“Retailers are hopeful that footfall will recover further with the move to the final stage of the roadmap, particularly as office workers begin to return to work in larger cities. The ongoing vaccination programme is essential to the UK economy’s success in the future, as future lockdowns would imperil the current recovery. Government must provide clear and consistent guidance on 12th July to ensure both the public and businesses know what is expected of them.”

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