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By Furniture News Aug 02, 2021

FSC awards celebrate sustainable wooden furniture

The third edition of the FSC Furniture Awards, the first with European reach, has been created to reward companies producing furniture with FSC-certified wood.

The FSC Furniture Awards, launched in Italy in 2019, seek to recognise and reward companies based in Italy, the UK, San Marino, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, the Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia) and Poland, that are producing and selling furniture using FSC-certified wood.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international NGO that promotes responsible management of world’s forests.

Twelve prizes will be awarded, divided into three categories – Indoor, Outdoor and Special Awards – and the evaluations will be entrusted to a committee made up of members and representatives from FSC national offices.

The competition is the result of work by the FSC network to support the furniture wood sector, especially in Europe, and is aimed at raising awareness amongst both companies and consumers about the choice of raw materials and products of forest origin from sustainable management.

There are some 20,800 FSC active certificates in the EU, and more than 4863 operate in the wooden furniture sector. The countries with the highest number of certifications in the furniture sector are Poland (828), the UK (731) and Italy (551).

“We are excited to join with other FSC offices in Europe to celebrate our sustainable furniture champions and hopefully inspire businesses and consumers alike to choose responsibly sourced furniture and other forest products,” says Tallulah Chapman, communications manager, FSC UK.

Registrations close on 14th October. Further information is available here.

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