15 July 2024, 04:19
By Furniture News Feb 01, 2021

Furmanac wins case to halt imitation designs

Kingswinford-based bed and chair manufacturer Furmanac reports that it has obtained a High Court judgement against Spring Craft Ltd, of Dewsbury, to prohibit the manufacture and distribution of imitations of two of its upholstered bed models, Venice (pictured) and Arabella (marketed as Osaka and Montana by the latter).

The High Court of Justice oversaw the case on 15th December, reports Furmanac, and a settlement was reached whereby Spring Craft was prohibited from making, manufacturing, selling, marketing, exhibiting, importing, exporting or distributing any product incorporating the designs in question. The settlement was also extended to cover Furmanac's other Montana and Osaka designs. 

"Subject to the defendant’s (Spring Craft) continuing compliance, the above undertakings are accepted by the claimant (Furmanac) in full satisfaction of all its claims for relief (including without limitation claims for delivery up/destruction, damages and costs) in this action," read the ruling.

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