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By Furniture News Apr 17, 2018

Furniture agent looks to next record attempt

Last June, furniture agent Gavin Boden and his friend Anthony Kyme managed to break the Guinness World Record for most bowling pins knocked down by a pair in 24 hours, raising £6736 for MacMillan Cancer Support. 

They knocked over 37,653 pins – beating the previous record by 1677. Gavin commented after the event: “I can’t believe we did it – we were mentally and physically drained. We couldn’t walk for two days – it was like I had been riding a horse for a week!"

The pair bowled a total of 4281 balls – totalling a weight of some 29 tonnes – and managed to bowl 1658 strikes, averaging 8.8 pins per ball over the 24 hours.

Gavin chose Macmillan because it supported his sister for three years as she fought bowel cancer. "There isn't a day goes by without thinking about her or the people around her who helped though her last days," says Gavin, who is currently planning his next record attempt.

Gavin says that breaking one record has made him want to break more. “I suppose when I have two, I’ll want three,” he laughs.

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