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By Furniture News Jul 29, 2021

Furniture News reveals winners of 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards

The results are in! Furniture News' inaugural Reader’s Choice Awards, launched back in May’s issue, asked the trade to nominate their top suppliers, and the industry’s response was phenomenal. The result – an inspiring, revealing and credible roll-call of the businesses that truly excelled in the past year … 

No-one needs reminding how difficult the past year and a half has been for the furniture industry. But, despite the obstacles before them, many of the trade’s manufacturers, suppliers and service providers have performed admirably – and some have truly shone, distinguishing themselves as among the best in the business.

Furniture News introduced the Reader’s Choice Awards this year in a bid to recognise those businesses which truly came through for the trade during one of the most turbulent periods in its history. Perhaps a supplier pulled out all the stops to ensure that important delivery made it through. Maybe their innovations met customer demand better than any could have expected, or perhaps they demonstrated financial compassion during hard times. Whatever the reason, every business can recognise that there are some partners that they simply wouldn’t – or couldn’t – do without. 

The sheer number of votes cast is testament to a trade keen to make its voice heard. This year’s sponsor, January Furniture Show, helped spread the word, encouraging even professionals to get involved. Zoë Bonser, director of Clarion’s Retail portfolio, commented: “Now is the perfect time to showcase and celebrate all of the suppliers and service providers who have supported their customers and proved their worth, time and again, over the past year. 

“Every business will be thankful for the partnerships that helped, and continue to help them negotiate all this disruption, and, together with Furniture News, we’re looking forward to finding out which ones mattered most.”

Click here to see which businesses made the grade …

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