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By Furniture News Feb 27, 2019

Government to disseminate no-deal Brexit guides through the BFM

The British Furniture Manufacturers has been named by the Government as one of the trusted partners to disseminate no-deal Brexit guides for UK businesses in the run-up to March 29th.

The BFM will receive regular information regarding how the Government will advise businesses to plan for the potential event of a no-deal Brexit, with weekly meetings with BEIS (The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) along with weekly phone calls to discuss what and how the BFM should disseminate advice and to give member feedback on the course of action being undertaken.

The British Furniture Confederation (BFC), of which the BFM is part, receives weekly updates through the EU Exit - Business Readiness Forum, which has been created to brief delegates on the guidance available to businesses when the UK leaves the EU, so that this information may be passed to member companies of those organisations.

The Forum is aimed primarily at representative organisations such as trade associations and professional bodies, and has three main objectives – to share the information UK businesses need to prepare for EU exit, to provide materials to association bodies to cascade to members, and to respond to and gather feedback on existing and new materials circulated in readiness for the UK’s withdrawal.

The BFM will provide regular guides and advice based on these forums to help businesses prepare for leaving the EU.

The BFM has opened a door of conversation between British businesses and the Government to air concerns and disagreement over the decisions being made during the process of Brexit – anyone wanting their voice heard can contact the BFM.

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