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By Furniture News Jul 31, 2019

Harrison Spinks commits to foam- and glue-free production

Bedmaker Harrison Spinks has committed to a foam- and glue-free future for all mattresses going into development.

Since it acquired a farm in 2009 to grow natural materials for its mattress fillings, Harrison Spinks has been moving towards a sustainable future. This pledge is a significant milestone for the 179-year-old family-run business, and comes at a time when the dangers of foam and use of chemicals within the furniture industry has never been more relevant.

MD Simon Spinks says: “For the last 10 years our core business objective has been trying to change the way the world sleeps. We’ve been relentless in looking for more sustainable ways of working so we can look after our planet for future generations. It is for this reason we have made the pledge to not develop any new mattresses containing foam or glue and to eliminate foam from any existing product by 2020.

“Because of the dangers of foam and the negative effect it has on the environment we use sustainable fillings and grow nearly 800 tonnes of natural fibre fillings for our mattresses each year. By farming our own materials and manufacturing our own components we have been able to save more than 1300 tonnes of CO2 every year.

“Later this year we will launch a fully sustainable, glue-free spring system which will be a global first. What this means is that we can produce a mattress that is 100% recyclable and we can help reduce some of the 7.5 million beds that end up in landfill every year. This will revolutionise the industry as we know it."

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