29 May 2024, 12:25
By Furniture News Mar 25, 2024

Homewares industry one of the UK's most creative, finds report

A new report by brand communications agency Warbox has ranked industries in the UK based on their likelihood to invest in in-house creative roles - and has found the homeware and interiors industry came in third place with an average creative headcount of 11.12%.

Analysing data from LinkedIn, the report ranks the creative headcount of ‘design’ roles across a number of UK companies in traditionally ‘less creative’ industries, compared to overall headcount, to find which sectors place the highest value on creativity within their workforce.

Surprisingly, the creative headcount for the healthcare sector is +292% higher than hospitality, and +61% more than the homeware and interiors sector.

As well as healthcare, the data reveals that the building and construction sector is the second most likely to invest in creative roles, with sectors including accounting and finance and, surprisingly, F&B falling behind in the top 10 when it comes to hiring for design-focussed roles.

Just ahead of the homeware and interiors industry, building and construction came in second place with 12.29% – perhaps unsurprising for two industries that naturally place great importance on design and aesthetics.

Out of the 20 industries analysed, transport and logistics and warehousing and distribution were revealed to have the lowest headcount of creatives in the workforce.

Mark Fensom, director at Warbox, comments: “It’s interesting to see which industries are placing a higher value on creative talent in 2024. Creativity fosters innovation, enabling businesses to adapt to evolving market demands and remain competitive, which is key when it comes to running a successful business.

"Even those industries with a perceived lack of need for creative roles, such as the warehousing and distribution industry, could benefit from hiring creative talent – it’s important for businesses to realise that creativity can unlock fresh perspectives and offer unique solutions to business challenges.”

View the full research here.

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