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By Furniture News Jan 12, 2022

Importer's growth lauded by Forbes

Artisan Furniture (Global Vision Direct) was recently the subject of a Forbes article which explored the importer's Indian manufacturing operation and impressive recent growth.

Entitled 'How Indian Artisans Helped A British Furniture Business Hit $10 Million In Sales', the article, written by Forbes contributor Kevin Rozario, explores the background and growth of the British business, which is headed up by CEO Amit Basu.

"The firm is currently achieving +40% growth YoY," writes Kevin, "and by March 2022 [Amit] expects to hit £7.5m ($10.1m). Looking ahead to 2023, the entrepreneur is predicting that the business will break the £10m ($13.5m) barrier, despite the supply chain troubles than have affected so many sectors."

Artisan is based in Westminster, with a storage and distribution centre in Ipswich and a factory in Jaipur. The business specialises in manufacturing handmade furniture featuring contemporary and traditional Indian styles.

Read the Forbes article here.

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