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By Furniture News Jun 19, 2018

Industry association delivers latest standards updates

The Furniture Industry Research Association has published its latest Quarterly Standards Update, which is available to all members of the association.

The update confirms the publication of new guidance suitable for designers and manufacturers to assess any inherent risk within their products and is intended to address the common risks posed by items of furniture to users, in particular adults and children over 36 months. 

Further standards covered in the update include those related to non-domestic tables/office desks, non-domestic/office seating, non-domestic/office storage, educational furniture, beds, bunk and high beds, domestic seating, domestic tubes, domestic storage, children’s furniture, international standards for children’s and nursery furniture, laboratory furniture, hardware, medical furniture, surface finishes and writing boards.

Turning to The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended), it was highlighted that no response was received to the 2016 consultation on the regulations.

However, the British Furniture Confederation (BFC), of which the Furniture Industry Research Association is a member, has met with the Office for Product Safety and Standards to discuss this further.

Furniture Industry Research Association members can access the latest update here.

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