25 July 2024, 12:02
By Furniture News Mar 06, 2024

Industry women's network launches mentorship platform

The Women in Furniture Network (WIFN) has announced the launch of an online mentorship platform.

Building upon the success of its third networking event at the January Furniture Show, WIFN is expanding its offering by providing members with the facility to build lasting mentor/mentee relationships beyond the network's events, through an online platform that promises to offer network members the opportunity to connect with and learn from experienced professionals within the furniture industry.

"Mentoring plays an integral role in women’s careers, as it has been proved that mentorship boosts women's confidence, provides career guidance, and opens doors to more opportunities," states organiser Clarion Events. "This is especially critical in a competitive industry like furniture which historically has been male dominated and now sees many female leaders paving the way to success. WIFN’s mission is to support women at all stages of their careers and give them access to the advice and guidance they need, when they need it."

Clarion Retail's portfolio director, Zoe Bonser, says: "We are delighted to launch the WIFN Mentorship Platform, which is the perfect way for women from across the industry to come together to support each other as they navigate their careers in the furniture industry. Mentoring has had a hugely positive impact on my career and I look forward to seeing how other women can also benefit. As the network continues to grow we look forward to seeing what else we can do to support our members now and for the future.”

Alongside the launch of the platform, Clarion will soon announce the details of its next WIFN event, which will take place at the Manchester Furniture Show (MFS) on 11th July at Manchester Central. 

The platform is accessible to all members of the network. Interested parties can contact the WIFN team to find out more, or join the network here

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