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By Furniture News Nov 21, 2016

JYSK launches global assortment online

Due to increasing demand for furniture, bed linen and interior decorating articles in Scandinavian design, JYSK has expanded the chain’s online assortment across more countries.

Scandinavian design is a hit in homes across Europe. Especially in Central and Eastern Europe, furniture, textiles and interior decorating articles in a Scandinavian style are high on the shopping list.

JYSK is now responding to this demand by making products which were previously only for sale in Northern Europe available to customers across 18 countries.

This happens in connection with the chain’s new campaign, JYSK Favourites, which is promoting a long list of new products across all the countries.

“JYSK Favourites is the beginning of a new, global way of thinking when it comes to our assortment. We will continue to differentiate which products customers can find in stores. The new thing is that we are now expanding the Scandinavian design to even more customers online via tablets in stores and in JYSK’s webshop,” explains Peter Andsager, executive vice president for purchasing at JYSK.

Specifically, 150 products have been relocated from JYSK’s distribution centre in Uldum, Denmark, to the company’s distribution centre in Radomsko, Poland. This move makes it physically possible to deliver the new products across even more country borders.

On the design front, JYSK have also taken to a more global approach.

When more products need to be sold in more countries, a need for thinking both Scandinavian and global design arises, even before the purchasing begins. Katrine Kruuse, range and design manager at JYSK, has secured this.

“We have really started utilizing trends within interior decorating as guidelines when we purchase new products at JYSK. It creates a good coherence between the products, which makes it easier for customers to mix them in their home. Also, we have a great advantage in the fact that Scandinavian design is a hit in many parts of the world. When we add a global twist to the Scandinavian flavor, we have the recipe for success,” explains Katrine.

In connection with JYSK Favourites, the assortment has been refreshed with a long list of new products, which combine Scandinavian design with global trends, especially within flexible furniture, textiles and interior decorating articles.

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