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By Furniture News Sept 28, 2017

JYSK reaches 2500 stores

JYSK has now reached 2500 stores, another milestone in the company’s history.

Expansion has been the main driver for the sleeping and living expert JYSK, since owner and founder Lars Larsen opened the first JYSK store in Denmark in 1979.

In August 2017, JYSK opened store number 2500 spread over the 48 countries where JYSK operates today. And the journey is far from over.

“It has always been the goal to have JYSK stores all over the world, so there is still a lot of work to do. But a reaching 2,500 stores is of course something to celebrate, and the way to do that is of course by having a lot of great offers for our customers and a competition with great prizes,” says Lars.

Store number 2500 is thus celebrated with an international campaign focusing on the continued expansion of JYSK as well as product quality and JYSK values.

“Having 2500 JYSK stores is not only great for me. It also benefits the customers, because JYSK has a presence as the local expert in sleeping and living in a lot of cities. This makes it possible for JYSK to achieve our vision of being a great Scandinavian offer for everyone,” explains Lars Larsen.

He underlines that the success of JYSK has only been possible as the result of the great efforts by JYSK’s employees throughout the years.

“Constant development and expansion requires skilled and dedicated employees. I would therefore like to thank all of the employees who have contributed to make JYSK the success that it is today,” says Lars.

During the financial year 2015/16 JYSK opened more than 100 stores and set a new record in turnover of 23.2 billion DKK.

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