20 May 2024, 11:04
By Furniture News Apr 22, 2016

Latexco inaugurates first European FOM production line

Latexco, a global leader in latex foam manufacturing, has officially inaugurated its first FOM production line at its site in Tielt, Belgium. The new installation will allow Latexco to create unique technical foams with comfort features "unseen in the bedding industry".

The €5m installation in Tielt is the third of its kind worldwide. The combination of gravity elimination and high-pressure injection technology has been designed to ensure that the same flow and bounce occurs on every inch of the material. In addition, the process allows a high level of adaptability and customisation, allowing Latexco to create a wide range of foam types in small production runs.

“By expanding our range, we can now provide our customers around the globe with latex cores as well as exclusive comfort foam. More than that, we’ll also be able to develop exclusive hybrid products, which combine latex with FOM foam” says CEO Alexander Bolliou.

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