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By Furniture News Apr 21, 2017

Leekes launches new Hush-a-Bye gallery

A new concept has been unveiled at Leekes with the launch of the easyturn mattress, developed by bed brand Hush-a-Bye.

This impressive design includes a traditional mattress, with a double sided detachable fillings layer and customers can now experience the display models and discover the quality and comfort of the new range.

A quality handmade mattress includes many pocket springs and fillings, all of which add comfort but also add weight to the product. With a regular mattress it can be difficult for many to turn the mattress as often as is required to maintain the quality of the sleeping surface. However the new easyturn mattress provides the ideal solution to ensure that the mattress remains in a suitable condition.

Andy Richards, sales director for Hush-a-Bye, explains: "Through testing we realised that the support offered by a good quality pocket spring unit actually doesn't degrade through use. As this is where the majority of the weight is concentrated, we questioned why this needed turning."

The question was simple but the answer took months of development to produce a system whereby the main spring unit stays in place and only the double sided fillings layer is turned. It is made up of just three simple steps – unzip, flip and zip. Ranging from 1000-3000 pocket springs, the mattresses are also available in a variety of fibre fillings, including foam, wool, white fibre, mini spring and silk.

Andy adds: "We normally recommend turning or rotating your mattress every few weeks. With the easyturn system you can now realistically turn your mattress every time you change the sheets, always giving you a fresh sleeping surface."

Jayne Muluka, furniture buying controller at Leekes, was impressed with the mattress collection and dedicated an area of the store to an easyturn gallery, as she explains: "It is such an elegant solution that I wanted to have the opportunity for customers to try it for themselves – once people see easyturn in action I am sure they will be impressed."

The easyturn gallery has been installed at Melksham and Bilston with the aim of rolling it out to other Leekes stores in the near future.

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