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By Furniture News Dec 08, 2022

Loaf partners with charity for the homeless

Loaf has partnered with St Mungo’s, a charity working to end homelessness and transform the lives of people facing and experiencing homelessness in the UK. 

Loaf will be working with St Mungo’s, through fundraising and donations, and volunteering opportunities will ensure that 'Loafers' can offer their assistance. Donations will go go everything from offering support through accommodation services to helping the St Mungo’s Recovery College offer a wide range of skills and employment services. Loaf has pledged to match any customer donations (which customers can make post-order via the website or in one of the Loaf showrooms), with 100% of donations going to St Mungo’s. 

Charlie Marshall, founder of Loaf (pictured), says: “I’m delighted to be partnering with St Mungo’s, a charity who are dedicated to helping those who are facing and experiencing homelessness. Helping people lead happier lives is built into our core values and we hope that the work we do with St Mungo’s can help achieve that for many of their clients.”

St Mungo’s director of fundraising, Reta Robinson, adds: “St Mungo’s is thrilled to be announcing this exciting new partnership with Loaf, and we look forward to working with them over the next year. Their generosity in matching every customer donation will really help support our vital work to make every night someone’s last on the streets. And we are very grateful to them for their support.” 

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