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By Furniture News Jan 24, 2014

Lynch Sales celebrates 100 year anniversary

100 years ago, Joseph P. Lynch had a dream to become one of the best merchandising furniture salesmen in the country. Today the third generation, family-owned and operated business has worked to make the dream come true.

Throughout its history, Lynch Sales Company has remained focused on its core values – integrity, respect for its clients and their businesses, and achieving superior results for those clients. Over the years these principles have resulted in hundreds of repeat clients, many of whom are internationally based.

Although the Joseph P. Lynch Sales Company is credited with inventing the furniture sales promotion business as we know it today, the Daniel Lynch Sales Company, led by Daniel L. Lynch, Sr. from 1945-1980, experienced tremendous growth as the furniture industry evolved in response to changing consumer tastes and other economic factors. Currently chairman of the company, Dan Lynch has relied upon his father’s advice over the past several decades: “Respect your customer, work with your customer and earn your customers the highest possible result.”

Today the co-chief executive officers of Lynch Sales Company, Judson Lynch and Chris Lynch, are following in their father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. They have perfected copyrighted sales plans that address the entire spectrum of promotional events designed to generate cash, expand or change location, remodel and refurbish stores or update inventory. In addition they work diligently with their staff of professionals to manage and direct retirement and complete close-out sales.

According to Chris Lynch, their sales professionals are one of the keys to a successful business. “We are fortunate to have many dedicated professionals on our team. These are fine people who have made their careers at Lynch Sales Company. Everyone from our office personnel, to our sales conductors and sales personnel has a sense of loyalty and passion to always do what is right and best for the team.”

Judson Lynch says: “We hold our commitment to our clients and the furniture industry in high esteem as we grow in diversity and sophistication. While our customers are located in many parts of the world we pride ourselves in providing personalized, superior service while creating and delivering the best possible return on their investments. Retailers depend on us, in many cases, to help them stay in business with one of our promotional sales, which we prefer. This allows us to work with that retailer again someday when they have other reasons for large, storewide sales.

As a matter of fact, we’re celebrating the success of our customers as well as our company by observing our 100 year anniversary in a way that we hope will thank them for their loyalty over the years.”

The year-long celebration kicked off at the beginning of this year, and will feature centennial and commemorative gifts as well as an opportunity to win a grand prize of a week-long trip to Ireland for one of their clients. Any retailer who inquires about holding a Lynch ‘Sale of the Century’ in 2014 will receive a limited edition 100th Anniversary gift. If a retailer meets with a Lynch sales professional resulting in scheduling a sale to be held during 2014, they will be entered into the drawing for the grand prize.

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