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Machinery specialist acquires assets and personnel

Machinery manufacturer MattressTek has acquired assets and personnel from fellow Lancashire machinery precision components brand MPC, from its site in Accrington.

Formed in 2004, MPC specialised in providing subcontract machining services.

Operations manager Patrick ‘Paddy’ Mitchell will remain a key part of the new business, now MPC TEK, supported by Leanne Wilkinson.

Shaun Peel, technical director at MattressTek (and the recently launched AutomateTek), says: “This is a very exciting development. We have worked with MPC for many years and their work is top quality and far reaching. When we became aware of the opportunity to take on elements of the business, we couldn’t say no. This significantly increases our in-house machining capability and contributes to our lean approach.

"We will be building on their experience to also provide services to other companies who need it. Workers from the company will also join our fabrication department and take up some of the space in our recently expanded unit. We are proud to have them on board and look forward to working with them.”

MPC TEK is now the internal machining arm of MattressTek and AutomateTek, award-winning established manufacturers of automation machinery and production lines for many industries. However, they are also available to undertake commissioned work including milling, CNC machining, turning and metalworking. This adds to their internal operations, which recently saw them making pallets and crates in-house to support the international and domestic shipment of bespoke machinery.

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