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By Furniture News Nov 01, 2021

Magazine alliance elects new executive board

Global furniture trade magazine network, the International Alliance of Furnishing Publications (IAFP), has elected Singapore’s Casey Loo to the position of chairman.

Casey is the editor-in-chief of FurnitureAndFurnishing.com, and the founder of the International Furniture Leadership Awards, as well as an advisor to the World Furniture Confederation and the Council of Asia Furniture Associations (CAFA).

“The IAFP is an association that comprises the world’s top B2B furniture magazines, and, together with the rest of the newly elected board, I am honoured to have been entrusted to lead the alliance,” he says.

“My publication, FurnitureAndFurnishing.com, is the sole representative from South-east Asia, and we serve companies seeking to source and sell in the Asia-Pacific region. With huge volatility in the markets, and travelling prohibitive due to Covid-19, the importance of the trade media in ensuring industry players stay up to date and maintain exposure is even more pronounced.

“Together with our fellow IAFP member publications, we look forward to continuing to provide quality services to the industry, and to contribute to the growth of the global furniture trade.”

The rest of the board now comprises: vice chairman Paul Farley (Furniture News); secretary general Bill McLoughlin (Furniture Today); treasurer Takayoshi Nagashima (The Home Living); and marketing director Ula Ditrych (Biznes.meble.pl).

Casey, who replaces Russia’s Artem Vasiliev at the head of the alliance’s board, was elected during the IAFP’s 2021 AGM, held online last month.

The alliance comprises publications from 17 member countries: Biznes.meble.pl, Poland; China Furniture, China; Furnishing International, Australia; FurnitureAndFurnishing.com, Singapore; Furniture News, UK; Furniture Today, US; Furniturk, Turkey; Gagu Guide, Korea; IFJ, India; MagMob, Romania; MD Magazine, Bulgaria; Mebelny Biznes, Russia; Meubihome, Belgium; Mobelmarkt, Germany; Mobile Logista, Brazil; Moblaje, Mexico; and The Home Living, Japan.

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