13 April 2024, 23:41
By Furniture News Mar 21, 2017

Malaysian design showcased at EFE

An impressive display of products demonstrating what can be achieved when pairing the design experience of international and local industrial designers with professional production capabilities was displayed at the PDP 2 booth at Kuala Lumpur's EFE exhinbition earlier this month.


Developed by the Malaysian Furniture Promotion Council (MFPC) in co-operation with MTIB (Malaysian Timber Industry Board), the PDP 2 project is a design programme is approved by MPIC (Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities) to help reach Malaysia's ambitious export targets.

After a six-month design and production phase, the PDP 2 initiative displayed 20 original products and systems. Azrizal Aziz, project manager, says: "I am extremely satisfied by the results, both by the international professional designers and by the local professional designers.”

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