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By Furniture News Aug 03, 2020

Mammoth partners with sleep scientist

Sleep, health and wellbeing brand The Mammoth Company has teamed up with one of the country’s leading sleep scientists to launch a new video podcast series. 

The company is working with Dr Nicola Barclay, from the University of Oxford’s Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute, to share advice for consumers and retailers. 

The partnership comes as research by The Sleep Council, conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic, found unease around the current situation is affecting sleep for three quarters (75%) of people. 

Mammoth invited questions from members of the public and retailers, which were put to Dr Barclay. The conversations are hosted by Mammoth Founder and CEO John Tuton, and cover a broad range of topics including sleep and anxiety, dedicated worry time, separating home and work, creating a bedtime routine and the sleep environment. 

The series will run over the coming months and is being rolled out via Mammoth’s website and social media channels, alongside exclusive retailer content being sent directly to the company’s trade customers.

John Tuton, founder and CEO of Mammoth, comments: “At Mammoth we believe that good sleep is the foundation of better physical and mental health and wellness. While many people have taken the opportunity to catch up on their sleep during the Covid-19 lockdown, many have told us that during this challenging time they have been feeling more anxious and not sleeping as well. So, we wanted to support them with helpful advice, and we are delighted to continue our longstanding affiliation with one of the UK’s leading sleep scientists. 

“It’s vital to have the right sleep environment, but we take a holistic approach to sleep. There are small changes each of us can make to our lifestyles to improve sleep quality and with that our productivity, recovery and day-to-day wellbeing. 

“When we emerge from the crisis, we want to look back at how we have supported our retail customers and consumers during a difficult time. Never have people been more health conscious. So, whether it’s supporting shop floor staff on the ground talking to their customers or someone struggling to get to sleep, we really care about giving everybody the information they need to enjoy better sleep and better health.” 

A departmental lecturer in sleep medicine at the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute, University of Oxford, Dr Nicola Barclay is one of the country’s leading authorities on sleep. She specialises in the genetic and neurobiological basis of sleep and circadian rhythms, with particular interests in insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, and the physiological and behavioural effects of sleep deprivation. She has published over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles and contributed to a number of handbooks on sleep since 2009.

She says: “Understandably there are lots of reasons for us to be anxious right now and sleep disruption is a normal response to everyday stresses and our new stresses. But there are many useful things we can do to quieten a worried mind, and the new podcast series covers top tips to help put the day to bed before we go into the bedroom.

“We cover the things that really matter to people when it comes to their sleep, health and wellbeing, and offer practical tips and advice, from a scientific basis. I was thrilled to be invited once again to join John and the Mammoth team for a new series of podcasts covering the very latest scientific research and advice in sleep, and look forward to the great results to come.” 

John continues: “We first met Dr Nicola Barclay when she was involved in the scientific testing of our mattresses, so the association goes back some years. Our approach comes from our foundations in healthcare and technologies shown to improve sleep. That’s why we are recommended by health professionals, work with elite athletes and organisations, and know all too well that sleep is as important to your health as eating a balanced diet and maintaining a regular exercise routine. We hope our podcast series will help people recognise that getting good sleep is more important now than ever."

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