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By Furniture News Dec 05, 2018

Nathan Furniture moves all manufacturing overseas

Cabinet manufacturer and teak specialist Nathan Furniture has moved its furniture production to a factory in Indonesia.

Nathan has been working with Danwood in Semarang since 2008, but has now moved all manufacturing to the facility, and has its own dedicated unit there.

Nathan MD Nicholas Radford says the move has helped lead times and reliability, as well as increasing the quality finishes and range of products Nathan can offer. “Consolidating all of our production to a single, extraordinarily well-run factory has improved several parts of the business," he says. 

"One of the unique features for a Far Eastern factory is the level of staff training and mentoring which goes alongside the physical investments. In the UK we were constantly trying to find ways of reducing materials and labour to keep the costs down, now we are doing the reverse and the product we are producing has never been better.

“And that’s a key thing about this – it’s not about producing the furniture cheaply, rather the combination of factors such as the state-of-the-art machinery and highly skilled workforce allows us to do more with the pieces and build to a higher specification.

“This wasn’t a knee-jerk move for us – we’ve been working with the factory since 2008. We’ve had various pieces and ranges made elsewhere, but we’ve always found the quality and consistency from Danwood to be excellent, so we’re delighted they can now do everything for us.”

Nathan Furniture also produces the Sutcliffe and John Sylvia S-Range brands.

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