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By Furniture News Dec 06, 2016

Nathan partners with Elano on new seating

A new partnership has been unveiled between Nathan Furniture and Elano AS Norway, supplier of Sitbest. The partnership has been created to maximise the opportunity for a new brand, FreeForm, launched by Nathan’s Relaxateeze business this year. 

This new brand will be headed up by Andrew Cochrane, who moves over from Morris Furniture Brands to build the new business entity.

Nicholas Radford, chair of Nathan Furniture Group, comments: “FreeForm by Nathan had an extremely positive launch in the summer and we believe the brand can be rolled out more effectively and successfully by joining forces with the manufacturer to present one united front in the UK market. The tie-up come at a great time as Elano brings further capacity on-stream from Poland. This partnership with Elano is a perfect combination – bringing together the well-known Nathan and Relaxateeze names with the Elano and Sitbest sector experience. 

“This is a logical next step for the Nathan Furniture Group, having listened to our Relaxateeze retail customers since we acquired the business. It is clear that this part of the business needs a clearer focus on consumer choice and fabric options rather than just stock options.”

The FreeForm product will be unveiled at the January Furniture Show.

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