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By Furniture News Aug 05, 2016

National Bed Federation joins The Furniture Ombudsman

The National Bed Federation (NBF) has joined The Furniture Ombudsman (TFO) as an affiliate member, pledging its ongoing commitment to helping the industry improve.

The NBF is the recognised trade association representing UK manufacturers of beds and mattresses and their suppliers. Membership of the NBF is dependent on compliance with the federation’s Code of Practice, and to achieve that compliance every NBF manufacturer member has agreed to an independent audit against the code’s strict criteria.

TFO has a pool of members which extends to approximately 8000 furniture and home improvement outlets in the UK. All of its full members pledge to abide by a Code of Practice which grants additional rights to the consumers who shop with them.

Jessica Alexander, NBF executive director, says: “We are very pleased to become an affiliate member of The Furniture Ombudsman. In a world where the traditional roles of manufacturer and retailer are becoming increasingly blurred and consumers are increasingly demanding, this closer relationship will enable us to make sure we give our members and the many consumers who contact us the right information and advice about their rights and obligations.”

Kevin Grix, chief ombudsman and chief executive of TFO, comments: “At The Furniture Ombudsman we believe that raising standards requires more than engaging with retailers alone. This is why we also establish partnerships with key organisations in the industry, such as the National Bed Federation. The more we can understand the challenges of all traders across the supply chain in the furniture and home improvement industries, the better off consumers and traders are, and our new partnership with the federation helps us do just that.”

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