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By Furniture News May 23, 2017

NBF introduces express sales training

The National Bed Federation (NBF) has launched a shortened version of its established training programme for retail salespeople – the Express Sleep Sales course.

Derived from its full Sleep Sales course, the express version is for those salespeople who choose not to record their weekly sales data or for those whose primary role is not in sales - such as department managers, directors and customer service roles.

The new express course excludes the sales data capture modules (SCRs), which record sales conversion rates and average order values.

Upon completion of the Express Sleep Sales training, candidates will receive an Associate Certificate, whilst those completing the full course become graduates of the Academy and are added to the NBF Roll of Honour on the Sleep Council Sales Academy website.

Simon Williams, marketing manager at the NBF, says: “The development of the express course came after we noticed that some retail salespeople who had started the Sales Academy course were not completing it. On investigation, it became apparent that not all candidates had the time to record SCRs or it was simply not applicable due to their job roles.”

Aimed at those in the industry selling beds, the Sleep Sales Course is a thorough and detailed curriculum, focusing on providing candidates with sleep knowledge and how to use it effectively to build trust with customers.

Simon adds: “As with the full Sales Academy course and Introduction to Beds training, this express version is free to all NBF member companies. It’s important to us that anyone working within the sector has the relevant industry learning and knowledge to ensure the highest standards are continually being met. This is why the express course was developed as it’s more advantageous for people to complete the training elements than stall halfway through because of time pressures or functionalities beyond their control.

“The beauty of this course, as with all our training, is it can be accessed anywhere online using either a PC, tablet or mobile. Delegates signing up can also download the Sleep Hub app to track learning progress and complete the course remotely.

“We always work hard to develop interesting and relevant learning programmes, and hope the introduction of the Express Sleep Sales course continues to achieve this.”

The Express Sleep Sales course costs £49, but is free to all NBF member companies. The NBF is also currently offering a training bundle offer - the Express Sleep Sales or full Sleep Sales course, plus Intro 2 Beds induction training for just £60.

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