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By Furniture News Jun 13, 2022

NBF launches new membership category

Boxed mattress brands and D2C businesses can now be admitted to the National Bed Federation (NBF), which has introduced a new membership category for companies whose beds, mattresses and related products are made by NBF members and who sell B2B to UK and Irish retailers.

NBF executive director Jessica Alexander says: “The structure of the UK bed market has changed a lot over the past decade. The traditional demarcation between manufacturer, suppliers and retailers have blurred. It was time to update our membership criteria to reflect these new business models.”

The NBF already has retailer members with their own manufacturing sites, and many manufacturer members trade directly with consumers, not only through their factory shops but through multiple brands via online sites. Component suppliers are also making their own finished products and selling them direct to the consumer or to retailers. Brands selling to retail and other commercial customers which do not have their own manufacturing facilities were not previously catered for, but the new Brand Associate Membership category aims to fill that gap.

For brands, joining the trade association as Brand Associate Members brings with it the credibility of being seen as serious players in the UK and Irish bed market, participating and influencing industry matters. Direct benefits of membership include: the opportunity to exhibit at the Bed Show; use of the NBF logo; technical advice on product compliance, regulatory requirements and standards; access to NBF market intelligence surveys and reports; participation on NBF committees and working parties; and attendance at the annual NBF Forums.

The criteria for Brand Associate Membership includes selling to UK and Irish retailers, and 100% of mattresses sold in the UK and Ireland must be made by NBF approved members, having been audited under the NBF Code of Practice criteria.

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