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By Furniture News Aug 26, 2016

NBF reveals mattress van scam on upcoming programme

The National Bed Federation (NBF) will appear on the BBC's investigative Fake Britain programme next week to uncover so-called ‘bargain' mattresses being sold from the back of vans.

The programme, which is due to air on 30th August at 9.15am (BBC1) and 31 August at 6.45am (BBC2), warns of the hundreds – possibly thousands – of consumers being scammed into buying counterfeit or substandard mattresses from rogue traders.

Fake Britain helps to reveal the extent of fake goods in the UK and investigates the conmen behind them. The NBF has been working with the BBC for the last six months as a result of its assurance mark, the NBF Approved big tick logo, designed to protect consumers from the scam.

Jessica Alexander, executive director of the NBF, says: "It has been a really valuable exercise taking part in the investigation with the BBC to continue our mission to help warn consumers about the potential pitfalls of buying mattresses which are not of the quality indicated, and may not meet UK flammability regulations.

"In the worst-case scenario we have even seen discarded old mattresses put into new covers. Frequently, these substandard products are sold from the back of vans by rogue traders claiming to sell overstock of often branded mattresses. What we have uncovered is an illegal and dangerous operation - which goes against our Code of Practice of selling safe, clean and honest beds.

"Many consumers are being duped into thinking they are buying a new, quality mattress at a discounted price, and some of the more brazen traders are even using the branding of well-established manufacturers and retailers on their vans to gain the trust of consumers.

"Our advice to consumers is to look out for the NBF Approved tick logo. Our members are vigorously tested to comply with our Code of Practice to provide reassurance that the mattress is a reputable product."

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