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By Furniture News May 20, 2014

Olympic gold medalist Greg Rutherford MBE endorses Mammoth Mattresses

Olympic Gold medalist, Greg Rutherford MBE, is the latest in a long line of professional athletes to endorse Mammoth Mattresses.

The British long jump and sprint star - who famously won his Olympic gold medal at London 2012 - recently bought a Mammoth mattress having heard about the brand from other elite athletes. He decided to take the plunge as, particularly before competing, he sometimes suffers from stress induced insomnia.

“Sleep is extremely important to my day-to-day activities - resting my body and allowing it to repair is vital as a competing athlete,” says Greg.

With his average day consisting of four - six hours of training and up to three hours travelling to and from his training ground, Greg needs to ensure he is alert and performing at his best at all times. He says: “A favourite part of my profession is the travel, although it can cause havoc with my sleeping patterns. I do love that I get to spend a couple of months over in the US every year for my warm weather training in addition to the year-round competitions overseas so ensuring I’m alert and generally sleeping well obviously has a massive impact on my lifestyle.

“Having a Mammoth mattress has given me peace of mind that when I’m home I know I’ll sleep well which is vital for recovery. Mammoth mattresses are incredibly supportive and comfortable so I tend to fall straight asleep.” Made with enhanced medical grade foam, Mammoth produces the only mattress of its kind in the industry that’s clinically proven to improve sleep.

Greg’s purchase came hot on the heels of Paralympic athlete Danny Nobbs who bought a Mammoth mattress when he was analysing all aspects of his lifestyle for performance improvement. He was sceptical that a mattress would make much difference.

Danny, who competes in the F54 javelin event and boasts amazing achievements including representing Paralympics GB in the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing, is striving towards the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, Brazil. Danny says: “As an elite athlete, I am aware of how critical sleep is in recovering from training and ensuring I am at my very best for competition. It is not just about the quantity of sleep but also the quality. I was previously very naïve about the difference a mattress could make, but the Mammoth mattress really has helped me to maximise my performance.” 

Other professional sportspeople who have reaped the rewards of a Mammoth mattress include, Zoe Smith, Louis Deacon, Liz Yelling, Joel Jameson and Michelle Brannon.

Mammoth has also recently strengthened its links within the sporting sector with the announcement of an exclusive deal with the British Athletes Commission (BAC). The agreement sees Mammoth as the only bedding provider to the BAC and allows all UK sport funded athletes up to 50% discount on its products.

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