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By Furniture News Sept 20, 2013

Precious Wood invites retailers to China-based factory

To conincide with the recent Furniture China exhibition in Shanghai, Precious Wood – based a short distance away in Dalian – held an open week for many established UK retailers to view its full operation method. The company is one of the most established China-based manufacturers of oak cabinet furniture. Established retailers were invited to see the full company-owned factory production lines, how the company produces such a high quality product with intense quality control systems, its new purpose built warehouse and stock holding – which ensures the client receives a prompt delivery service in as little as 6 weeks, as well as a wide portfolio of products. Customers both old and new were also invited to view the company's newly built showrooms the latest exclusive product ranges to be released by Precious Wood.

Precious Wood may be a new name to some retailers, although the company has been one of the main suppliers of solid oak furniture to the wholesale trade for more than 15 years. In recent times, the company has redirected its focus towards established retailers, offering its brand of quality product direct from source in changing markets where manufacturer and retailer need to combine directly.

The advantages of Precious Wood to the retailer as demonstrated at the Precious Wood open week was the depth and strength of the company, as it completely owns its purpose-built factories, in turn controlling its high quality control management, in addition to its extensive warehousing which carries extensive stocks to ensure smooth delivery of a large array of exclusive designed furniture collections.

Precious Wood MD Chris Fang stated: "It was a pleasure to demonstrate to so many established retailers over the last seven days how we make our products to the highest quality standards. We pride our company on the quality product that we manufacture, ensuring retailers can offer their consumers the finest products and designs. Precious Wood product brings the retailer further advantages in what can perceived as a commodity environment. We shall continue to maintain our high standards of quality throughout our products."

Precious Wood added three collections to its large portfolio of products during the week. The Willow, Vienna and Burwood collections were launched to clients during the visits by retailers at the newly-built showrooms next door to the factory operations in Dalian. All three ranges were well received by visitors.

Stephen Day, Precious Wood sales director, stated: "We have listened to all the feedback from our clients – they wished for more exclusive product away from the saturated and commodity market."

"The Willow collection was a success with all customers placing an order for their exclusive trading areas – something I haven't seen before in 28 years within the furniture trade – whilst customers decided between Vienna and Burwood collections. Tuscany that we launched in January also did very well. It's clear that retailers desire exclusivity for their stores – it puts them back in control of the retailer and protects their margin in today's 'go compare' society."

Furniture News spoke to Mr Anderson, one of the established retailers visiting the Precious Wood open week, who commented: "Indirectly I have retailed Precious Wood product for over 10 years so know the quality of product well. It was a pleasure to view the full operation first hand. I fully endorse their exclusivity policy as it brings so many advantages to us as retailers of quality furniture and look forward to many years using all the advantages presented by Precious Wood."

Precious Wood is now an accredited supplier to the established Minerva buying group now, and is looking forward to exhibiting at both the Minerva and Branded Furniture Shows on the 1st and 2nd October. Established UK retailers are welcome to Dalian for customer visits as well as to gather any more information regarding stocking Precious Wood products. Those interested can contact the company via its website.

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