24 July 2024, 17:11
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Raft launches online furniture outlet

Raft has launched a transactional website to complement its outlet centre in North London, which promises "designer furniture with lower price tags and a fast delivery".

Each one-of-a-kind piece is available both online and from Raft's Cricklewood showroom, so is expected to sell out fast, and the offer regularly updated.

From ex-display furniture to samples and photoshoot models, each product will come with a description to highlight any imperfections.

"In recent years, we have seen a rise in fast furniture, rivalling fast fashion for the number-one spot as the most wasteful industry," says Raft. "While mass production, cheap materials and global outsourcing make fast furniture anything but good value, three-digit price tags are tempting, paired with the promise of speedy delivery. Unfortunately, when it comes to sofas … if it’s cheap, there’s a reason!

"Embracing the art of slow living means shopping sustainably for furniture that will stand the test of time in style and durability. Usually, this requires buying locally handmade-to-order sofas directly from the source. This ensures quality craftsmanship, verifiable origins and authenticity.

"However, sometimes we simply do not have time to spare. When a customer’s priority is time, it’s such a shame that there are so few sustainable solutions. That’s where Raft’s outlet centre comes in.

"Handmade in-house by our team in North London, we have a limited collection of ready-made sofas that can be delivered within 15 working days. Our reclaimed teak furniture is handmade by our team of specialist artisans in our factory in Indonesia, where we use a solar-powered kiln to dry our reclaimed teak."


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