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By Furniture News Nov 18, 2013

Reason Season Time launches new furniture range

New London-based supplier Reason Season Time has launched a new range of furniture which offers striking and sustainable choices for boutique hotel and leisure interiors.

Reason Season Time meets the demand for distinctive furniture and accessories that can bridge both contemporary and traditional looks. The flexibility of items in the range which the company offers meets the need for interior products with a difference.

Working closely with selected suppliers, all the materials used in the ranges are from reclaimed sources. In this first range these include woods, iron and aluminium from architectural salvage and even ship breaking.

Two key looks from the initial Reason Season Time collection include the stylish and contemporary Aviator from the Alairo Collection, which is a statement piece that also provides a unique working area in a room. As well as being solid and functional, it exudes individuality and style. Aviator is made from reclaimed wood and reclaimed aluminium.

In addition, Arusha, made from reclaimed teak, is a unique two-door reclaimed wood cabinet, with doors that have been handcrafted from upcycled wooden shutters, with much of the original paint preserved to retain a vintage charm within a contemporary design. Used for storage in a room, it is also a practical choice.

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