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By Furniture News Jan 28, 2021

Rehau mourns loss of founder 

Construction material and surfacing specialist Rehau is mourning the loss of its founder and honorary president, Helmut Wagner. He passed away last Sunday at the age of 95 in Switzerland, surrounded by his family.

"The great sympathy for the passing of our father comes from many regions of the world. We are very touched by this as a family," says Jobst Wagner, president of Rehau's supervisory board. “It shows the great the legacy that Helmut Wagner has left behind as one of the pioneers of modern industry, a courageous creator and unwavering visionary. We will honour the memory of Helmut Wagner by resolutely continuing his impressive work. His entrepreneurial spirit will continue to guide us."

Helmut Wagner has shaped the world of plastics since 1948, giving important stimuli to the industry. His founding of the company in the city of Rehau, Upper Franconia, Germany, marked the beginning of polymer product manufacturing and the success story of a family-owned company that is still strongly characterised by the pioneering spirit of its founder.

After five decades of development, Helmut handed over management of the corporation to his sons in 2000. Jobst Wagner became chairman of the supervisory board, and Dr Veit Wagner became vice chairman. The third generation is already active in shaping the family business.

In 2015, Rehau city council paid a special tribute to Helmut, who was appointed the city's first honorary citizen since the end of the Second World War.

Today, Rehau is an independent, privately held company, with 20,000 employees at more than 170 locations worldwide. “We owe this in particular to the vision and courage of Helmut Wagner," says group CEO, William Christensen. "In deep mourning and sincere gratitude for the achievements of our founder, the Rehau family is especially united in these days."

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