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By Furniture News May 11, 2022

Retailer discusses 168-year legacy on new podcast

With a heritage dating back to 1854, Arighi Bianchi is one of the longest-running family-owned furniture businesses in the UK and, with the fourth and fifth generations now at the helm, family business podcast It Runs In The Family welcomed the current custodians into the studio.

Great granddaughter and grandson of founder Antonio Bianchi, Sarah (pictured) and Nick, current MD and director respectively of the Cheshire-based home furniture and decor brand, are joined by Sarah’s daughter, Lucy Mather, head of communications at Arighi Bianchi, on episode 33 of It Runs In The Family, to share tales of a business proud of its legacy.

Podcast host Liz Willingham says: “Speaking with the current custodians of 168-year-old luxury home brand was fantastic and makes for a brilliant podcast episode. While heritage runs strongly through the company today, the current management team is focused on extending its reach and taking this historical business into the modern day.

“We hear about their relationships as mother, daughter, uncle, and sister and also as colleagues, their famous customers, the transition from one generation to the other, family memories and how they have all found themselves in this brilliant, thriving family firm.”

The bi-weekly podcast reveals the story behind Arighi Bianchi’s 168-year legacy and uncovers Sarah’s experience taking the reins as MD during the pandemic.

Podcast co-host Leila adds: “Deciding to join the firm is a journey for any next-gen family member and is something that often comes up on the It Runs In The Family podcast. Sometimes by accident, sometimes by necessity, often by choice, those who feel their destiny is within the family firm always find themselves there one way or another. For Sarah, Nick and Lucy, they found themselves being brought into the fold at a time that proved right for them as individuals and for the business, but more often than not, that process involved a bit of schmoozing by dad.”

Listen online here.

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