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By Furniture News Sept 16, 2021

Retailer launches helpline to tackle sleep problems

Furniture Village has partnered with The Sleep Charity to launch the UK’s first dedicated helpline for people who struggle to sleep.

The National Sleep Helpline will will be operated by specialist, trained advisors between 7pm-9pm five days a week, Sunday to Thursday. 

The expert team will provide callers with helpful tips and advice so they can identify appropriate strategies, talk through their problems, and direct them to other organisations and services for specialist or long-term support.

The launch follows a survey of 2000 UK adults conducted by OnePoll, which looked at the consequences of a bad night’s sleep. Results showed that more than a quarter (28%) said it had affected their mental health. This figure rose to 50% for those aged 18-24. 

The study also showed that the average UK adult suffers nine bad nights’ sleep per month – equating to around 500 million people across the country each month struggling to sleep. 

Furthermore, the survey found that over half (57%) of respondents feel there is a lack of support for people with sleep issues, and almost half (48%) of those polled think companies should offer support for staff who have trouble sleeping. 

Lisa Artis, deputy CEO of The Sleep Charity, says: “It’s clear that the great British public is in the midst of a sleep crisis which is affecting national mental health, work performance and even leading to alcohol misuse. Almost 60% of those surveyed felt that there was a lack of support for their sleep issues, which is why we have partnered with Furniture Village to set up the UK’s first National Sleep Helpline. 

“Together we want to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality, evidence-based advice, regardless of age, ethnicity, background or income.” 

Half of respondents said a bad night’s sleep affected their motivation, with 30% suffering sore eyes, and 29% had aching joints as a result. In addition, a third (35%) of respondents also confessed their sleep issues and those of their children make them feel lonely and isolated. 

Lack of sleep is impacting the workplace too, with 41% choosing not to turn their camera on for a work call because of a bad night's sleep. In addition, 15% had taken several days off work over the past three months because of bad sleep. 

Dr Ranj Singh, sleep and wellness ambassador for Furniture Village, adds: “Sleep is as integral to our wellbeing as diet and exercise, and it’s concerning to see just how many people are struggling with issues relating to a lack of it. A tired society is a grouchy, unproductive and unhealthy society, and there isn’t enough support for people who sit wide awake in the early hours. 

“Giving the nation access to expert sleep advice is an incredible way to tackle this countrywide issue, and we’re proud to be partnering with The Sleep Charity to help facilitate it.” 

Charlie Harrison, commercial director at Furniture Village, comments: “Sleep is one of the most important things for a healthy lifestyle, and that is why I’m delighted to be partnering with our friends at The Sleep Charity to help make the National Sleep Helpline a reality. 

"Our research shows that millions of people around the UK are struggling to sleep, especially following the recent pandemic, and we hope that with the launch of the UK’s first dedicated sleep helpline we can make a tangible difference to the wellbeing of those in search of help and guidance.” 

People looking for help and support from the sleep helpline should call 03303 530541, or click here.

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