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By Furniture News Oct 29, 2021

Retailer partners with sleep charity to educate shoppers

JYSK has partnered with The Sleep Charity to bring the Sleep Matters roadshow to JYSK store locations across the country, with the aim of educating and inspiring hundreds of people with the latest professional guidance on how to achieve a better night’s sleep.

The Sleep Matters roadshow will take place at nine JYSK store locations across Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire and the Midlands on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th November. Hosted by sleep experts Kerry Davies and Joseph Pannell, attendees will receive the latest medically backed expertise on sleep, how to tackle issues surrounding sleep health and conditions, and tips for incorporating better sleep hygiene into their everyday lives.

Each hour-long session will comprise of a 40-minute talk led by one of the sleep coaches, followed by an open Q&A session where the audience can seek additional support for their own unique challenges surrounding sleep.

Following the tips and practical strategies explored in the session, JYSK store colleagues will also be on hand to advise customers, and JYSK will be offering up to -70% off sleep products in its UK stores and online from 4-7th November.

“We are really passionate about sleep and bringing our Scandinavian approach to our sleeping and bedroom environments into UK homes”, says Jenny Johnston, sales and marketing manager for JYSK UK and Ireland. “Recent research we carried out with YouGov suggests that there is a real need for us to have more open conversations and education around sleep and sleep health. 42% of UK adults are sleeping for six hours per night or less, and a third (34%) say that their sleep has been impacted by the pandemic with increased anxiety (22%) or more intense or unpleasant dreams (18%). Together with The Sleep Charity, we hope our Sleep Matters roadshow event can be a small step towards empowering more people to take back ownership over their sleep health.”

Lisa Artis, deputy CEO of The Sleep Charity, adds: “We are delighted to be involved with, and supporting, JYSK’s Sleep Matters roadshow, ensuring more people get access to quality advice to help improve their sleep. Sleep is fundamental to good physical and mental health and wellbeing, and our practitioners will be on hand to discuss the importance of sleep but also recommend some top tips to try."

The JYSK Sleep Matters roadshow will be making its way to nine locations across Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire and the Midlands. JYSK and The Sleep Charity will also host a talk and Q&A session live on Instagram on 4th November at 7pm on JYSK UK’s Instagram channel.

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