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By Furniture News Dec 20, 2022

Retailer thanks staff for energy-saving initiatives

Barker and Stonehouse has thanked staff members for coming up with a raft of initiatives that have helped cut energy costs by over a third.

MD James Barker has hailed the contribution of his staff, who helped cut back energy usage by -35% over the past three months, not only saving the business money but improving its impact on the planet.

James says: “Like most businesses, our energy costs have seen a dramatic increase YoY, and while the Government has offered some respite by promising to cap these in the short term, these increased rates still require us to make some changes as a result.

“Our teams have been proactive by taking seriously various bread-and-butter energy-saving steps (from energy-efficient lightbulbs to diligent use of lighting, heating and air conditioning), helping us to cut our energy usage by a massive -35% over the past three months.

“These added efficiencies mean we can continue to drive down our carbon footprint as a business. While we’ve been carbon neutral for the last two years, we’re always looking for ways to improve and refine our operations and challenges, such as the ones we are facing. This is typical of our staff, who are always going the extra mile, not only for the business but for the planet too.”

Barker and Stonehouse has also built a new, state-of the-art flagship store in Gateshead. In line with the retailer’s eco-friendly approach, the new store has been designed with sustainability ingrained in its blueprints. This includes the use of responsibly sourced timber frames rather than steel and a full roof of solar tiles, as well as innovative extras such as an expansive green roof that will protect and promote biodiversity.

Ahead of the new store's opening in April 2023, the retailer’s existing Gateshead store will be transformed into an outlet unit.

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