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By Furniture News Nov 04, 2019

Scottish representatives association welcomes honorary member

Derek Young has been made an honorary member of the Scottish Furniture Representatives Association (SFRA), a group comprising 67 working (and 39 retired) members of the industry, and organises the Northpoint Show (taking place next April).

The SFRA was founded in 1965, and Derek joins a select group of just three other people who have been awarded the same recognition.

"Many SFRA members, both new and old, have benefited from invaluable advice given by Derek," comments SFTBA treasurer and secretary, Bob Dymond.

Derek joined the furniture trade with Schreiber Furniture in 1973. He became a sales agent in 1980 and has worked with, among others, Chrystie Tyler Group and Alstons.

Currently with Alpha Designs and Furmanac, Derek joined the SFRA in 1973. He served as SFRA president in 1991-2, and over the years held the positions of SFRA secretary, almoner, and exhibition organiser in 1990 when the (then) SFRA Show moved from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

"Derek's been a very entertaining speaker at many of the President's Dinners held during each Scottish furniture show," Bob continues. "He's now seen as an elder statesman who can remember what actually happened in the old days!"

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