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By Furniture News Mar 13, 2017

Sealy UK supports Sheffield-based World Cup biker

Bed brand Sealy UK has teamed up with Elite and World Cup downhill mountain biker, Becci Skelton, to support her as she embarks on a challenging 2017 race season.

Competitive downhill mountain bike racing is both physically and mentally challenging and Sheffield-based Becci is no stranger to a few broken bones. Having spent some time recovering from race-related injuries in 2016, Becci is now back on her bike and is looking forward to a promising future.

To aid her rest and recovery, and to support her in the next chapter of her promising career, Sealy has gifted Becci a Purity Ortho Mattress which she has been test-driving over the last few months.

With a demanding training schedule and relentless pressure to perform, Becci admits that she has been sleeping “a million times better” since switching to her new Sealy mattress.

“Getting a good night’s sleep is a fundamental part of effective training. Since sleeping on a Sealy mattress I have more energy, my body and mind are better rested, and I just feel in a better state of mind to take on the day ahead," she says.

“Due to the high-risk nature of my sport, it’s also really important that I am fully switched on when competing or training on the bike; if I make a split-second decision slightly late or wrong because I’m tired and not rested enough, it could quite easily end in a bad crash and injury.

“When I’m asleep, it’s my body’s time to repair, recover and rejuvenate itself. This is a massive part of my training. If this doesn’t happen, I cannot train and compete at my optimum, so I always make sure I allow enough time for this fundamental part of my day and don’t ever forget how powerful a good night’s kip is!”

Neil Robison, Sealy UK marketing director, says: “Becci is a shining example of hard work, dedication and determination, in spite of her injuries. We’re delighted that she is already reaping the benefits of her new Sealy mattress and we look forward to following her journey in 2017 and beyond.”

With her involvement in Sealy’s World of Sport, Becci joins a number of leading sportsmen and women, including British snowboarding champion, Zoe Gillings-Brier, Rugby League champions, Wigan Warriors, and boxer, Frank Bruno MBE. The initiative was launched to promote deeper sleep and the wealth of benefits this has on sporting performance.

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